DAYS 363-364

Day 363… Sun 27 Mar 2016 07:00 18:00 Brisbane. I hop off and sadly miss new pal Liz who i met in Malaysia, but i do catch up with awesome mates Madz and Jedi. From the dock (the really… really shabby dock for a major city… I mean really Brisbane. .. you need to pick your game up!) we go grab brekky at Pancake Parlour, then a bit of a short drive before we swing by thier place to grab Yahtzee, Farkle and Cards Against Humanity to chill with some awesome games in a local park. Then back to thier place for some video games on the old PS1 and Xbox, before returning to the ship to get all my crap packed and ready to go home. Take in a final art gallery showing and a late show, and my day is complete.

Day364…At Sea… first up irritatingly i seem to have caught a bit of a cold. Dammit. Anyhoo… after a late brekky i randomly bump into some lovely crew ladies and chat about my travels, and then at lunch ACTUALLY SEE live wild dolphins leaping about the ship! Incredible stuff! Then i head to the final art auction and grand finale final show on my cruise… and we are nearly done folks!

FAVORITE PLACES: Peruand Bolivia… Orlando, USA (i love theme parks!)… Ireland… Germany/Poland/Czech Republic…Russia… Japan… Botswana and Namibia… Singapore.

MOST DANGEROUS PLACES  (at least according to me):Kingston, Jamaica… New Orleans, USA… Johannesburg, South Africa… Jakarta, Indonesia.

And that brings us to the end of my summary of stats for 180 PhotoGrid_1458909807590PhotoGrid_1458909874133PhotoGrid_1458909933475PhotoGrid_1458910016477PhotoGrid_1458910082101PhotoGrid_1458910122115PhotoGrid_1458910189146PhotoGrid_1458910237809PhotoGrid_1458910272907PhotoGrid_1458910346215PhotoGrid_1458910368833PhotoGrid_1458910422028PhotoGrid_1458910474408PhotoGrid_1458910562400PhotoGrid_1458910593216PhotoGrid_1458910878600PhotoGrid_1458910917913PhotoGrid_1458910963810PhotoGrid_1458911101715PhotoGrid_1458987657677PhotoGrid_1458987715696PhotoGrid_1459165449540PhotoGrid_1459165562616PhotoGrid_1459165700326PhotoGrid_1459165748308PhotoGrid_1459165797039PhotoGrid_1459165841602PhotoGrid_1459165876768PhotoGrid_1459165938769PhotoGrid_1459166017722PhotoGrid_1459200042588Stays.

THANKS to all of the companies that made my trip happen…I will be adding all individual info in my YouTube series, but for now the major ones to thank are:

Flight Centre, Elizabeth St, Sydney/ Intrepid Tours/ Celestyal Cruises (the Olympia)/ Celebrity Cruises (the Millennium)/ Colorado Boots for amazing shoes that have lasted 1 year of seriously hard work.

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