DAYS 358-359

Day358…At Sea… first things first… enough breakfast in bed… its up and out for EVERY meal now at the swanky free restaurant and breakfast is 1st. Love it, you can choose to sit alone or with mysterydining pals which is good because the buffet crowd are are boring, inconsiderate bunch of arse holes, but i can finally get some conversation going here! After that i change intoswimmers… do a little blog updating… then head out to lunch for some of the best food i have eaten in a long time, and the pool for the first time (been avoiding it like the plague till mytattoos fully healed). Met the Sydney ladies there again after after bit of light deck side reading and met a few new folks to chat with for 2 hours in the pool. Then its some more reading then another art expo, spa, an amazing dinner and retire. Not much on today/tonight for my tastes.


Bollocks/ GTS… Google that shit/ (Someone farts)… nasty cough you’ve got there/ (Someone sneezes)… HAIL, Sneezer!/ Super super cool/Noodley-noodleys/ Clinkies/ Full power/ Undercarriage/ Try new things/ Hash tag fancy/ Wot not/  Zark & Zarking/ Proust/ That’s how we get ants!/ Said the vicar!/ Tat (as in tacky or crap).


La shookrun (nothanks)/ Marsalama (bye)/ Spaseeba (thanks)/ Strasvoitchyeh (goodmorning)/ Dosvidanya (bye)/ Sawa sawa (ok,ok)/ Hakuna Matata (no worries… really)/ Makassee (thanks)

Day359…At Sea. First up since there isn’t much to my tastes this morning, after brekky i return to my room to watch a film i have been meaning to the last 5 months and never had the chance… PREDESTINATION. Damn fine film i must say. Then its off to another art auction in the vain hope of winning some serious art… followed by a brief stint at BINGO with a similar vain hope… before rounding out he day with a 3rd and final vain hope in the casino with the slot machines. All of which ended up with nada. Moving on… the evening is chock full of interesting things to do, however. There’s a singing duo that are very good i go see… followed by a magic meal at dinner with excellent conversation and company… then a stage performance by a japanese guy who worked for Cirque Du Soleil… before donning my vietnam dragon jacket for the Night of the Dragon thing. That… well… was… disappointing to say the least. The dancers were a little lack lustre… their disdain for passengers painfully evident when they attempt to … after the performance. .. get people onto the dance floor, half just milled and chatted and danced worse than me… then just left. I was expecting a decent party, but most folks left after the show… and more when the dancers left… and even more when the shoddy DJ began playing music without paying attention to the dancers and what they were enjoying. As the last dozen people sat drinking or left, so did i. Oh well… at least i know i haven’t missed anything by not seeing these particular shows.


366, Time lapsed since leaving: 364(meaning I am 2 days older than when I left Australia)

COUNTRIES VISITED: 49(total in my life: 52)


RANDOM FRIENDS MADE NOT ON TOUR: Konrad and Barbara in South America… Bert and Pat in Central America as well as Air BnB hostesses Chess and Paola…Very nice in Jamaica… random indian guy who introduced me to the hookah/shisha in Miami as well as 2 random girls working in the Miami Ripley Museum… friends of Fletch in the UK… lovely Aussie couple on cruise in Greece… random American guy in Japan i shared dinner and japanese hot bath house with… Deboshree and the 2 indian girls I met day 1 in Thailand at the palace… random cafe girls and different cute cafe owner in indochina… Pravar and his wife in India… Natasha and Vera in Jordan… Air BnB hostess in Joburg… Liz, Katherine and Caroline in Malaysia… 3 sets of lovely people on home cruise.PhotoGrid_1458824516038PhotoGrid_1458824555611PhotoGrid_1458824599856PhotoGrid_1458825724700PhotoGrid_1458825754498PhotoGrid_1458825788244PhotoGrid_1458825832983PhotoGrid_1458825860548PhotoGrid_1458825902856PhotoGrid_1458825941668PhotoGrid_1458825968914PhotoGrid_1458826004669PhotoGrid_1458826046335PhotoGrid_1458826079902PhotoGrid_1458826185351PhotoGrid_1458909417380PhotoGrid_1458909467749PhotoGrid_1458909554539PhotoGrid_1458909606361PhotoGrid_1458909648689PhotoGrid_1458909717388PhotoGrid_1458909765612

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