DAYS 356-357

Day 356… Darwin bonus day. Today i get to experience Darwin, our nation’s northernmost capital city. So it’s tour time. And may I say… I love the heat… and on this Around the World in 180 Stays in have been to a lot of tropical and rainforresty places… but NOTHING is have personally experienced so far compares to the ludicrous humidity of Darwin. Seriously, less than half a minute outside you sweat… and i don’t just mean standard sweat from arm pits and forehead… my ENTIRE BODY IMMEDIATELY started perspiring liters of sweat,it literally ran in tiny salty rivers down my arms and body… just nuts! Now… first stop is the Crocodylus Croc park where i get to feed a 4m crocodile (in a pen. There was an option of paying almost $500 US to go to a different park and get in the clear glass dive tube… but since that is essentially EXACTLY like seeing one come at you at an aquarium or other park, why would you?) Then i got to stroll about and check out the little park and some good old aussie animals… plus a few monkeys because… zoo? I also find here an amazingly tasty Lamington flavoured  drumstick ice cream.Anyway after that its a spot of sightseeing around the place… parliament house. .. old WW2 gun turrets… botanical gardens and my favourite so far… the NT museum and art gallery. Some truly marvellous works here… just amazing. Then a drop off in town to souvenir shop and see a gorgeous church, the St. Marys Star of the Sea Cathedral and the only painted Aboriginal  Madonna and Baby Jesus on earth. Then its back to the boat and AAALLLL ABOOAARRRDDD! Next stop… Cairns.

Day357…At Sea… first up today is some more fine art at the Masters and Mimosas show where I learn a little more about artists like Pino… anatole krasnyansky… tarkay… very nice. (And also learn about the Giclee art printing process… hugely expensive printers that can reproduce on canvas 4,000,000 colours… thenartist paints an original peice then feeds into the computer hundreds of photos and overseeing the tech team who sort out the reproductuon, then the artist embellishes the print after with paint and signing personally. So it’s a way to replicate actual paintings on canvas as opposed to a straight digital print or poster). Then a I take in some wandering the deck time followed by and not excellent jazz show by a new band on board from Argentina. More chillaxing with some reading and gaming in my room on the old PlayStation Vita (thank you to my mate Jason who suggested buying one at the nth hour before i left… invaluable anti boredom tool) before i grab dinner then bump into 2 ladies i met a few days ago, also from Sydney environs, where they tell me about formal night (i go change into a nice asian white cotton shirt and my vietnam dragon jacket) then we watch lovely old couples dance together to a great easy listening band  before discovering the upper class dinner restaurant (i always thought that it was paid… but it’s way better than the buffet and FREE!) Where i indulge in a little extra top class food before watching the big deck party unfold out on deck, then call it a midnight night.




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