DAYS 353-355

Day 353…AtSea… My first stop today is avisit to the Australian Immigration Officers aboard who simply process all the passports to facilitate the going home process… then its off to see a 30,000 years of art in 30 mins thing… from cave paintingsthrough to egyptians, greeks, renaissance, baroque, impressionism, fauvism, cubism, surrealism, abstract expressionism and finally pop art. Quite a good little show really. After that was lunch, some chill time then pop along to a mini magic workshop where i learn a few simple tricks, then a quick 30 mins poker/slot machine time where i score a massive $14 US profit before i head off to watch a stage show with a great all round comedian/juggler guy after dinner. Not a bad day all told. Now…

NUMBER OF FLIGHTS: 44(42+2cruises)



Day354…AtSea… Today is a bit of a boring one… only an art auctionto see and a very well done 1970s boogie wonderland stage show at night, and an in house films:-007: Spectre. Anyway… after that we sail into the biggest tropical storm i have seen and so, I immediately return to my room, don’t the swimmers and head out to rain-bathe and stand in the downpour… I love doing that… just rarely get the chance to really go out and enjoy it. Now…


12816.1+1525.9+2451.9+2595.5+3082.6+5188.8+1971.2+1027.3+1462.2+898.4+1754.3+1881.1(36,655.3)+2432.7+370.9+583.7+8501.1+464.6+1472.5+1500.6+1182.3+1052.9+2231.9+634.6+7718.3+1065.8(29,211.9)+2096.9+398.2+1154.1+3718.5+985+2915.3+1146.9+3953.4+497.2+6233.8+944.2+1282.8+1304.6(26,630.9)+7429.6+6921.5+952.7+1182.2+1629.9+1454+3354.4+1681.1+1954.6(26,560.0)= 119,058.1km(!!!)




all7wondersoftheworld, 5of7wondersofthenaturalworld, all3bigwaterfalls, all3bigcanyons.

Day355…Darwin… well that is a bit of a lie and i am glad we dodged Bali for an extra day here… we would have originally only been here from 7pm for 1 night then left! Thankfully we have a full day tomorrow, so today is really just more sailing… however the captain has pushed the boat to make up some time, so we do actually arrive late arvo at 5ish. Today i wake to brekky in bed, then watch the MAN FROM UNCLE on telly… love that film,  then i fill in my time with another art auction, followed by more comedian action on stage. Hilarious stuff. Then… my first ever footsteps on Aussie soil for almost a year… 355 odd days ago… Darwin. I wander the first street i see and lo! There before me is RED ROOSTER… and it tastes sooooo good. I can honestly say that nowhere else does fast food BBQ chicken like the Rooster. Then a pub and a lovely local Territory beer before returning to the boat for sleeps.



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