DAYS 349-350

Day 349… Ok, today is supposed to mark my last day in Singapore before I board my ship bound for home. Can’t beleive its nearly over. But because of security issues in Indonesia, we get 1 more day here tomorrow. Cool. So today its all about boarding the boat and wandering around the huge vessel, getting acquainted with decks and staff… and generally chilling out. Before I launch myself into the wild ocean-blue yonder of my final 16 days cruising home… I was going to do a quick recap of my trip… but i will leave that for my days at sea, where excitement may be less exciting and more relaxing.


Days 350 to 365

Day 350… Singapore bonus day… WOOT! I get an extra day in Singapore! And I decide to hell with more sightseeing… today is all about having fun and splashing g out 1 final time… AT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS THEME PARK! This marks the 3rd of 4 Universal parks i have visited… Orlando, Japan and now Singapore. So I get there and head down to Madagascar first on a very tame ride. However it’s nice and quaint and a good intro to theme park life. Then its on through Shrek’s Far Far Away land to fabled Egypt. Lols to be had as i have BEEN to egypt, but it’s still cool. The best Isis (the goddess!) statue is there but I didn’t buy one, but I did thoroughly enjoy The Mummy ride. Then i backtrack to Jurassic Park and take a gander at some dinosaurs before jumping waaay forward to SCI-FI Land… home of the Transformers and Battlestar Galacticawhere there are 2 roller coasters intertwined… one for humans and the other for cylons, plus the always fun Transformers ride. Here its a little different to the other 2 in that the “transformer” u are in is an exclusive creation for Singapore. .. Evac the rescue car. He’s essentially an Optimus Prime coloured Bumblebee, so he wins points with all the fans. I buy some exclusive merchandise here then its on through fake New York and out to cache a hilarious taxi guy back to my boat and a late lunch… then wander around, check out thier shops and the art gallery here before dinner, a magic show and bed.PhotoGrid_1457876489825PhotoGrid_1457876538332PhotoGrid_1457876605586PhotoGrid_1457876647589PhotoGrid_1457876698000PhotoGrid_1457876746996PhotoGrid_1457876774716PhotoGrid_1457876834245PhotoGrid_1457876883800PhotoGrid_1457876927756PhotoGrid_1457876959827PhotoGrid_1457877008889PhotoGrid_1457877047765PhotoGrid_1457940125367PhotoGrid_1457940174348PhotoGrid_1457940213424PhotoGrid_1457940253841PhotoGrid_1457940310644PhotoGrid_1457940355654PhotoGrid_1457940395066PhotoGrid_1457940461219PhotoGrid_1457940496220PhotoGrid_1457940537167PhotoGrid_1457940604915PhotoGrid_1457940636862PhotoGrid_1457940693648PhotoGrid_1457940749915PhotoGrid_1457940809836PhotoGrid_1457940860926PhotoGrid_1457941724931PhotoGrid_1457941783619PhotoGrid_1457941825905PhotoGrid_1457941886841PhotoGrid_1457941943002PhotoGrid_1457941994162PhotoGrid_1457942040651PhotoGrid_1457942082786PhotoGrid_1457942121231PhotoGrid_1457942170253PhotoGrid_1457942203617

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