DAYS 345-346

Day 345…What can I say about today… my final day in Malaysia. Chilled in hotel room… updated the blogs… and got three swanky new tattoos! Why? Well 1 i wanted to get for a while now… my Newton family crest (which is crossbones… really. Means we are victorious and stride across the bones of those we defeat in battle). On 1 sided is a green fern leaf for my mum who died of cancer in 1996, she loved ferns. The other is the symbol from the old tv series THE SAINT, my dad was nowhere near artistic… but he liked to doodle this on occasion. This is for dad who died at knife point in 2012.

The other 2 tats are from my travels. A ganesha design i received from a Hindu priest in India i want to make permanent… the other a scorpion from a Nubian wise woman who drew it in henna on my arm in Egypt. All I have left to add is the may an hummingbird design my amazon guide drew on my arm and the African name i got in Africa from the San bushmen.

So all in all a quiet, yet important day.

Day 346… Today i board a plane after some chill out hours in KK… bound for Singapore. .. and it’s THE LAST FLIGHT OF MY TRIP! I am also going to check in TO THE LAST HOTEL OF MY TRIP! #155! Well… after a slight mechanical delay with the airplane anyway. Then we have to hold in the air before we land due to air traffic congestion… not a worry, just amused this is the 1st time all trip anything like this has occurred. However we safely land and by then its late afternoon when I check in. Just enough time to walk around and get acquainted with my immediate area… get some postage stamps and mail my last (& quite late… should have gone from south africa) postcards before i buy some cream and bandages to keep my new tattoos from getting infected, as well as some noodles for dinner. PhotoGrid_1457616749807PhotoGrid_1457616816502PhotoGrid_1457617303235PhotoGrid_1457853619826PhotoGrid_1457853873289

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