Day 360

** FIRST off – apologies… the pics for my scuba dive accidentally got into the previous post…

Day 360… Cairns(Yorkey’s Knob). Early rise to boat out to the Great Barrier Reef and a say of water based activity. What can I say… the great barrier reef is simply amazingly beautiful and this tour starts with a trip by smaller boat, afastcatamaran, straight from the cruise liner out to a permanent pontoon set up especially for the tourist swimmers,journeying past spectacular islands enroute to the outer Great Barrier Reef. Once at the reef, the interactive pontoon itself has a slew of things to do as i spend the day exploring the colourful underwater world of magnificent corals, colourful fish and marine life.I get to snorkel in the sheltered coral lagoon for a few hours with an oceanographer, walk through the underwater observatory, join a tour on the semi-submersible boat-sub-combo thing then jump on a token glass bottom boat, with lunch included. This is one of the best destinations on the Great Barrier Reef for viewing the unique species of coral and fish that call the reef home, and i am so glad I got to revisit it after all these years (last time was Hamilton Island when, after dad said to go on my organised trip, I had to cut the thing in half when I got the call and my mum had passed away, had to fly home). Then back to the ship to collect and have dinner and meet some lovely folks i had met at the level 5 restaurant previously and they requested i  ook a table to join  them tomorrow night… which was quite nice… actually had 2 sets of folks vying for my company. .. its nice to be wanted. 😆PhotoGrid_1458909717388received_10209364618261027received_10209364619181050received_10209450707093194received_10209450707133195

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