Days 329 – 334




Day 329… Well… I eventually land at 3.30pm in Indonesia. Tired and not much to do but say gday to my mate Dan and meet his little 3 year old daughter Sophie… cutest tike I’ve seen in in a while.

Day 330… After all my travels… its time for a chill day and to wander around to check stuff out. I visit the local mall and try a little cheap but amazing reflexology massage. At $7au for 2 hours, can’t pass it up!

Day 331… Apologies for the lack of excitement or sights… but its chill time again. Today i go for another cheap 2 hour massage, after which Dan and I go to see the new ‘Deadpool’ movie and retire to the comfort of his apartment. I amazing take the opportunity to swing for an hour or so in the complexes looong pool.

Day 332… Today is time for even more swimming in the pool and to catch up on blog work. Later home life gets mildly stressful as Dan gets into a valid argument with his maids who then leave. Time for new ones to be found!

Day 333… Saturday… I awake to ths sound of a new voice as it appears Dan hasnt wasted any time and gotten a new nanny/maid… new rules for junior… new teething issues… so I do a little to help… I can’t do too much, but I do what i can… i buy junior some knock off duplo (2for1 special) and a shelf to help unclutter his only kitchen table. Every little bit helps. Get in some more swimming and drawing… adventure and my crazy life will soon pick up again.

Day 334… Sunday… I get woken early by a small 3 year old munchkin bent on playing legos with me. However it appears she has had either little sleep or poor sleep because she is cranky with everyone for hours.

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