Days 327,328





Day 327… Today is an early start to drive 2 hours away and do a great white shark dive in in a cage on my final day in Cape Town. The trip is uneventful, then we hit the shore. We board the boat BEFORE it is launched into the briny deep as it is far too choppy and rocky for a wharf. Then its a stomach churning trip out some 40 mins to where the cages are moored. I wasn’t I’ll thankfully but most were… horrible experience.
But then we are there… and there are remarkable 4 meter white pointers JUST THERE! I’m the first to suit up and plunge in with 5 otners… inches from the Jaws of these powerful swimming beasts. One even lunges are ret the cage are reds it tries to eat the tuna heads used as bait… it is a regrets truly humbling experience. Whereas the tigers and lions, though huge powerful predators, are cunning and trainable mammals… these leviathans are not much more than simple eat or be eaten brain power. .. quite the show!
Afterwards its simply dinner with a few of the tour lads as a final hurrah…then pack ready for take off!

Day 328… Boring day full of giant flight to Indonesia and to catch up with my mate Dan.

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