BREAK… Now before we hit civilisation again, here’s a full and comprehensive list of the wildlife i have seen on this incredible safari/expedition/adventure of a life time:

Troops of baboons/vervet monkeys, herds of antelope/gnu/buffalo/elephants/impala/kudu/red hartebeest/bushbuck/duiker/lechwe/puku/springboks/waterbucks, journeys and towers of giraffes, gennets and hares, rafts of hippopotamus, clans of hyena, packs of jackal/african wild dogs, a single leopard, prides of lions, african mongoose and african wildcats/ crashes of rhinoceros… both black AND white, sounders of warthog and harems of zebra. There were monitor lizards, dung beetles and terrapins. And so very many birds. .. kori bustards/ reed comorant/ white brewed coucal/ whited faced and knob billed ducks/ tawny, marshal and fish eagles/ great and cattle egrets (egrets… I’ve had a few… and I say that… in a shy way…)/ frankolin/ go-away-birds (seriously… thats the name)/ egyptian and spur winged geese/ grey, squacco and great herons/ sacred and glossy ibis/ many varieties of kingfisher looking like tiny colourful kookaburras/ blacksmith and crowned lapwings/ the lovely lilac breasted rollers everywhere/ sandpipers/ african spoonbills/ starlings, stilts and 5 kinds of stork/ swallows and terns, the water thick-knee/ warblers, weavers and wagtails/ bee-eaters and cranes/ enormous flocks of flamingoes in pink and white and… of course… huge sprinting ostriches. *PHEW*

And an interesting side note is that zebras hang out with wildebeest. ..zebra are the wildebeest eyes, but they follow the wildebeest because thier sense of direction is woeful… THEY’RE ME! Lol

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