Day 295




Day 295… well it’s just a chill out day today as I get ready for a 16 hour flight to joburg. Hanging out with the last hangers on Graham and Laura… bro n sis from uk. A quick mclunch… then its 12 hours in the air. However before i fly… I have to contend with Cairo airport. Of all the places I have seen… this place is utter insanity.

You first queue nearly an hour to go through inadequate security in the front door, being pushed and shoved. Then with a print out boarding pass you queue a 2nd time to get to the check in counter… also being pushed and shoved (hell even serious arguments and near punch ups. .. poor Matt the solo kid on our tour was behind me and looked very disconcerted) for nearly an hour. Once through you queue a 3rd time to check in… being pushed and shoved but only for 15 mins. You then proceed directly to passport control to wait another hour in a 4th queu and be pushed and shoved again. Through there you find the gate you board from. You go through yet another inadequate security check and a 5th queu to where you wait for your flight. Mine was 50 mins early so I strolled immediately onto the bus and boarded. Seriously. .. this is a downturn in tourism and it is barely adequate to cope with the influx. With the Fifa World Cup looming as well as and brand spanking shiny new tourism agreement with China (literally signed by both presidents a mere 4 days ago)… then i fear Egyptian is woefully.. even hilariously under staffed and under equipped to deal with the tourist influx. See u on the flips idea folks

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