Days 266,267





Sorry… day 266 was in last post… I mucked up the days.

Day 267… Boxing day… feeling a little betternso I treat myself to an easy thing… I’m off to the movies at the cinema to see STAR WARS 7: THE FORCE AWAKENS!!! WOOOOT!!! So… no spoilers… but… here is my interpretation of the film, and my good mate Ray said it wee… so I shall paraphrase his post . To start with, it was great! It has some parts a bit scary for young kids but no worse than Empire or Revenge. It does a great job of taking everything you liked about the first trilogy and paying nods to that. Very much drawing on the original trilogy for story elements but not plain copy-pasting them. It also pays many nods to the expanded universe, including stories integral to the core of the now defunct non-canon verse history, as well as clearing up several misconceptions non-extended fans misunderstand.

The older characters are the secondary characters, but they really play a stronger role than in the past. It also has a much better gender and racial balance in terms of characters. Definitely passes the feminist test without playing into tropes for the most part. I really love the subtle way they deal with Leia in this one. Perfect choices all round. Also the film is filled with subtle humour the previous ones lack. Again amazing director and script stuff.

I think they are wrong for one single reason. This new movie has many things the old ones didnt have. In fact it may indeed have some things i never realised the old ones needed. It has a level of subtlety none of the movies had. Such as the relationship between different characters. It also has a sense of humour that is much needed in the films, and arguably that is what the original trilogy had that the prequels messed up. Its obvious but also subtle at the same time.

Finally the acting here by the new stars is zarking amazing. Look at the micro gestures in Kylo’s hands, or Rey’s eyes, or Finn’s voice and gestures. Do you know how to make them happen? Microgestures are uncontrollable. They only occur when you so completely imerse yourself in emotion that your body reacts that way. They are supreme actors showing us exactly how they are feeling. They arent just playing a character, they ARE that character.

I know there are some cheap shots that both pay homage and also take advantage of the nostalgia we feel for the old movies. But really… it’s the 7th film… of COURSE it will play nostalgia… thats part of its job. If it didnt, it would be an entirely new film.
Then i grab a simple lunch, and relax more, hoping I’m ok to do my tour tomorrow and enjoy my 3 days of 5 star luxury.

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