Day 248a






Day 248… There are so many things to do here – spectacular temples, delicious food, picturesque river-front and fantastic shopping. For me i had to get another box mailed away home, which was easy. Breakfast at Starbucks. .. lunch at McDonald’s … but THEN… I get a private van and tour guide to go out to TIGER TEMPLE. A massive highlight for me. Why? Well I’m glad you asked.

Tiger temple has hand reared and rescued tigers. The work they do to liberate tigers from less reputable places or establishments that kill them for sport and further is of course excellent. But the most mind blowingly cool thing they do is with those reared from infancy to adulthood. You get to GO INTO THE CAGE AND PAT LIVE, ADULT TIGERS! And they are not abused nor drugged. You get a choice of smallest tigers, small, medium and big. I chose small and big. Small size at 8 months old were still 5 feet long! And being in with them was just incredible! Such beautiful, powerful creatures. After my 15 mins playing with them, I hopped into the BIG cage. 7 foot long monsters who were still as playful as thier youthful counterparts… and the sense of raw, unbridled power these animals have is nothing short of breathtaking! I also paid for a photographer to help out as these beasts tore giant banana leaves off poles to toy with. A real treat! And a highlight of my trip… well one of many. When done i return to do some wandering with Chris before we go to a traditional meal and dance show which… was definitely much, much less than desired. The performances were lacklustre… the performers themselves obviously bored from the get go (except 1 guy who was smiling ear to ear during the coconut dance… he really loved that bit and it showed!)… the food was average at best. And as it turns out, as I head home early, a poor choice as at 2.30 am I awake to throw up 5 times in a row. Disgusting. I hate being sick. Gross. However whatever was in me is now out,  so I do sleep better.

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